About Us

Learn About FortisBMI Weight Loss Programs
FortisBMI® offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary weight loss programs for healthy living.  We pride our program on the education that each patient will receive.  Our multidisciplinary team consists of bariatric surgeons, certified bariatric nurse, registered and licensed dietitians, program navigator, and insurance specialist.   Our physicians and staff have decades of experience helping patients who have struggled with their weight. We have developed this program to help meet those challenges. 

The goal of our weight loss programs is to make our patients healthy. During the initial consultation, our physicians discuss medical needs and personal desires of each patient. Through shared decision making with our patients, we develop a customized treatment plan for each patient using a combination of healthy eating, exercise, anti-obesity medications and/or nonsurgical and surgical options.

Next, our physicians and staff guide our patients through their weight loss and healthy living journey over the next several months. Whether your goal is big or small we are there with you every step of the way.